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Landscape Design & Construction

Tour Greens Chicago has been building amazing synthetic putting greens since 2007 and a stroll through our photo gallery confirms that statement.  However, with the addition of Ed Lewandowski in 2011, the team has taken the standard green and turned it up a notch by adding beautiful perennials and annuals around the putting green that often creates a setting that is nothing short of spectacular.  

Make a Statement with your Putting Green

We recognize that our putting greens often become the most popular "hang out" spot in a backyard and by adding beautiful color around the green, it pulls so much more beauty from the synthetic green.  Plus, by adding plantings and hardscape, the homeowner often creates an area that is much easier to maintain.

If you are interested in a complete landscape plan surrounding your putting green, or perhaps your home, please don't hesitate to ask.  Depending on the scope of the project, we will develop a landscape plan at no cost to you as we are very confidant that our ideas will win you over and create the beautiful setting you are looking for.